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These are incredibly difficult and unprecedented times. Each day that we wake, we look forward to providing you, our patrons - who have often become friends and family - with memorable experiences and warm service once again. In light of COVID-19, we will not be presenting any of our signature events effective immediately. At the moment, this includes the vastly popular Canada Day Amnesia Boat Cruise, Icon Long Weekend Sundays (Victoria Day & Canada Day), Carpe Diem Brunch + Day Party (Canada Day). Toronto Carnival events are pending. As the world navigates the coronavirus, we would like to thank the frontline workers, healthcare professionals, and government officials for all they are doing. We are grateful to you, our patrons for your continued patronage, support and understanding during an incredibly difficult time. To the worldwide entertainment community which has united like never before, to bring joy to the masses via online shows, podcasts and mixes, we salute you. You have truly personified the phrase "We are all in this together". The situation is fluid. We are monitoring the news, recommendations from the government and health experts, and the development of the virus and hope to be back entertaining you as soon as it is safe to do so. We look forward to welcoming you back as a valued guest. In the meanwhile, please follow us on social media where we will update information on our events, community initiatives, live broadcasts, downloads, and resources for the entertainment community. Instagram: @IanAndreEspinet @SoulKitchenRNB @AmnesiaForever @BlxckStxrDesigns @SpeechAndPower @20Winterbrook We hope yourself and your loved ones stay safe. Sincerely, Ian Andre Espinet  iconic arts + entertainment inc [formerly ian andre espinet entertainment] canada's leader in urban lifestyle entertainment Respect The Culture | Respect The Music | Respect The Name ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- PHONE | 416.995.7440 [text + what's app capable] OFFICE | 416.293.4812 [no texts] EMAIL | WEB | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | | RespectTheName | #SoulKitchenRNB YOUTUBE | / VIMEO | LINKEDIN |  RE:VISION ::  In September 1999, we revolutionized the way you viewed events our first event. Since then, we have listened to you, our patrons and friends, and changed to suit your lifestyle. In the orchestration of our flagship event, Amnesia, we have stayed true to our goals. In the creation of other signature events such as Soul Kitchen, Big People Fete, X-Factor, ICON, Socaholics, The ONE, GroovEssentials and our specialty events for Caribana, New Years Eve etc, we continued the mission. The introduction of Mas (Caribbean Masquerade) for Caribana some years ago, our charitable efforts and the weekly anticipated email blogs took us beyond simply a club events promotion company. But you already knew we were more... With more than 2/3 of the Toronto's urban nightlife scene attending one of the our signature events in the past 19 years, we continue to prove that success takes more than VISION. It takes RE:VISION. Stay tuned as we continually hone our online presence: Look out of & websites, a new video blog, and redefined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online presence.

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